We are a formally incorporated non-for-profit association focused around the City Dirt facility.

Formed in 2009, our volunteer crew are committed to stacking, shaping and sculpting dirt jump trails in the heart of Adelaide. While the wider community ebbs and flows there is always a main core group of people who make this place what it is.

Nigel Jordan - Affectionately referred to as trail dad Nigel loves nothing more than digging by himself in the rain (where he is least likely to start an argument!). But his role at City Dirt is also about running the logistical side of the trails. Liaising with councils, fundraising for equipment and organising the annual jam. 


Callum Rodgers - Callum has literally grown up with the jumps. Callum is a dedicated perfectionist who loves the creative process of building trails; often to the point of distraction. The massive amount of hard digging has shaped him into a trail boss as hard as leather.

Tom Hall - Tom has always been down to ride and, eventually came around to digging. Enthusiastic to the point of being a problem it never hurts to listen to him with a grain of salt. Tom talks best with his riding and he eats danger for breakfast; regularly sending it when no one else will and always with effortless style.