Building and maintaining trails is a labour of love that relies a few simple fundementals to keep things in shape.



Why water?
We live in a extremely dry climate and if the jumps are not watered before and during use the smooth hard packed surfaces of the lips and landings become brittle and it isn't long before they start to break up and turn into un-rideable piles of dust. The aim is to wet the jumps just enough to limit dust and soften the surface, without creating water runs or mud.

How to water:
Under the bench seats is an open tool box. Inside the box is a hose for all to use. There are three water points around the perimeter park so one hose at each will reach all areas. Simply connect the hose and then spray the lips and landings you intend to ride. This may need to be done multiple times if you're riding for a long time or in the heat of the day. 

Please pack the hose away when your done and put the lid on the water outlet. By watering the jumps you are showing RESPECT to the people who've spent so many hours creating this space.



Why tarp?
Tarps are used to protect the surfaces of the lips and landings. In summer they protect the jumps from anyone silly enough to be climbing on the jumps and in winter they stop stop the constant rain from washing away the smooth surface layer. 

How to tarp:
Tarps are dug into the ground behind the lip or landing and are weighed down by sandbags on the front. To use the jumps remove the tarps and sandbags and place behind the lips and landings. Please ensure you replace the tarps once you have finished riding.



It's a simple thing, but please put your rubbish in the bin. We don't want to be picking up after others when we could be digging jumps or roasting lips. As well as the practical aspect, our trails are very public and having rubbish left around sends the wrong message to anyone who stops by for a look. These public perceptions matter because complaints about our facility can overshadow all the things that make City Dirt great.