Our main goal with City Dirt is constant improvement; for the facility itself and everyone who uses it.

After putting in countless hours creating the trails there's nothing more frustrating than to see people taking that for granted and ignoring some of the simplest points of trail etiquette.

Below are our top ten for showing respect and getting the most out of City Dirt:

  1. No dry riding. Always water the trails before and during a ride
  2. Ride in the late afternoon. It's cooler, there's often no wind and the trails are in shade which means less watering is needed.
  3. Always put the tarps back on after riding. 
  4. If you get to the trails and someone is watering, help them out, then start riding.
  5. If you see one of the crew digging, ask to help. Even one barrow makes a difference.
  6. Put your rubbish in the bin.
  7. Scope your runout and don't skid. Locked brakes chews up the trails.
  8. Talk to us about becoming a volunteer and actually dig. You’ll never be short of mates to ride with again.
  9. If a feature is being worked-on and there’s a sign saying don't ride. Don't ride it.
  10. Don't ride in the wet. If your tyres are sinking into the trails it’s too wet to ride

For more information, check out our Trail Fundementals page to see how to put these into practice.

Photo by  Jessica Clark

Photo by Jessica Clark